From even the roughest copy of your song, we can arrange and produce a broadcast quality multi-track digital recording featuring full instrumentation, lead and backing vocals performed by top professional musicians and performers. As the writer of the song you retain full ownership and intellectual copyrights of both words and music.

You may also want to consider using our mobile recording facility to record your own vocals.



We can also set your lyrics to music especially written by us. We will then digitally record and mix the song, again featuring full instrumentation and vocals. In this case we pass intellectual ownership of the musical element to you on receipt of your final remittance for the demo. However, we retain the right to be credited ('name-checked') for any published or broadcast material produced by us.

Your Demo

In all cases we will talk to you to ascertain the 'feel' you are trying to achieve before we begin work. For example, if you have a particular artist or band whose style you have in mind for your song, then we will endeavour to produce the demo in that style. Whilst we may make suggestions to you along the way, it is your song and we will always try to follow your remit.

Our aim is to provide you with an end product that is a demo you can proudly present and play to music business professionals or your friends and relations alike. You may even want to use it as a very special and personal gift to a loved one. On your master CD there will be two tracks – one version with the lead vocals and another without, in order that you can use it as a backing track for either yourself or another vocalist.

Some simple facts to keep in mind

Even though we take production values very seriously, the demo is all about showing off your song in its best light, and not to show how clever we are or how wonderful our equipment is.

At the end of the day, a really good song will stand on its own merits with just a solo voice and a guitar or piano accompaniment. It is the content that is important.

However, a professionally produced recording of the song being performed by proficient musicians / vocalists can give a song a certain extra sparkle that could mean the difference between it being listened to all the way through and not consigned to the trash can after just a few seconds.

In general terms, our productions will normally contain at least 6 unique and discrete stereo tracks including lead and backing vocals, drums and percussion, bass and at least two further rhythm tracks such as piano or guitar. Depending on the style of the music, this can sometimes be many more, such as in orchestral style arrangements.

We will be happy to advise you of our opinion on how we feel is the best way to arrange and mix your song, but the final decision is always yours.

Demo Service for Songwriters & Lyricists

A professionally produced and recorded multi-track broadcast-quality demo of your song up to 3½ minutes duration, with lead & backing vocals plus full instrumentation for just

Just provide us with a copy of your song (regardless of how 'rough' as long as the melody and chord structure is discernable). This can be an audio recording on CD or cassette or an mp3, aiff or wav file sent electronically. Alternatively or additionally, you can provide us with a written copy of the song which must contain the lyrics and melody as a minimum.

In an attempt minimise royalty or copyright complications, the intellectual copyright remains with you as the originator of the work - even with lyricists full ownership passes to you (including any music written by us) on receipt of full payment and in all cases the work produced by us is yours to do with what you wish - even if it goes on to sell a million copies!

We do however retain the right to be credited ("name checked") in any published material containing our work, whether intellectual (eg use of music written by us) or physical (eg use of the actual recordings produced by us). Full details of the terms of licensing are available, and form part of your contract with us.


A 50% deposit is required with your order. We normally facilitate this by sending you a PayPal invoice. Even if you do not have a PayPal account you can still use this service to pay by any major credit or debit card.

We used to aim to have a turn-around time from commission to completion of around 21 days, however our current workload means some demos can take up to 90 days to complete. This is because in order to keep costs (and therefore prices) to a minimum, demos are produced as and when time and circumstances permit (eg when a suitable vocalist / instrumentalist is in the studio). We think the wait is more than compensated for in the quality of the demo compared to other 'faster' service providers.

The balance of fees is payable on satisfactory completion of the production (we will provide you with an MP3 for your approval), either by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal. On payment of the balance the song will be written to CD and dispatched to you within 3 to 5 days.

Our Productions- the technical stuff

We currently carry on our demo productions in a small project studio located in the picturesque town of Denbigh, in North Wales. Whilst many of you will have little or no interest in the more technical side of things, for those that do, here's a brief summary of our usual work-flow:

If we have been sent an mp3 or audio file of the song pretty much as the client wants it, then we usually begin by loading this into our software and use it as a guide track, normally adding a drum track first and then bass. This gives a foundation on which to build the rest of the song a track at the time, though we sometimes add a guide vocal track too. Vocals and live instruments are added last before final mixing and mastering.

If we are not supplied with an audio file or it's not possible to use it (eg because of timing errors or it is a very poor quality recording) another technique we employ is to utilise one of our arranger style keyboard workstations to assemble a guide track, once again adding a guide vocal track where necessary. This then acts as the guide track in order for us to construct the song a track at a time. This is also a great way of submitting proposals to lyricists who have commissioned us to write music for their words.

We generally produce and record demos using 24 bit 96kHz resolution. (We have an excellent relationship with a near-by world class studio that has live rooms large enough to accommodate even the biggest orchestras and choirs should the need arise.)

After basic in-house mastering, your demo is written to a regular audio CD in the usual 16 bit 44.1kHz red book format. As mentioned above, we supply two versions for each completed track - one with and one without the lead vocals, enabling the track to be used as a backing track for your own vocals. We are able to supply the individual tracks that made up the project in OMF format if necessary, but there is a charge for this service which is dependent on the number of tracks involved.

We have a large array of both hardware and software sound sources and ancillary equipment including products from Edirol / Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Spectrasonics, Drawmer, Antares, Celemony, Steinberg, Lexicon, M-Audio, Alesis, Rode, Red 5 Audio, Sony Professional and others, as well as a huge library of sampled instruments from companies such as East West Quantum Leap, Big Fish Audio and others.

However, all that said, in our opinion it is without doubt the skill and experience involved rather than the equipment or software used that makes the real difference. There is simply no substitute for experience and know-how, and this perhaps explains the high volume of repeat business we get, even with those who own fairly advanced set-ups of their own.

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