Our core service is the production of professional quality demo tracks for songwriters and lyricists, and the composing, arranging and production of digital music for those requiring original content for stage, film, TV, video or web based projects.

However, we now also offer the following additional services:


Our restored classic motorhome has now been turned into a completely mobile state-of-the-art digital studio ready to provide a specialist recording service to solo performers such as male and female vocalists, guitar-vocalists, solo instrumentalists and singer-songwiters.

Customers of this service can either provide their own backing tracks or choose tracks from our extensive library. For those wishing to record their own original material, we can prepare & produce custom backing tracks of the very highest standards in any style or genre, which can be from the simple addition of piano, drums or bass to full band or orchestral arrangements. If preferred, artists such as guitar-vocalists can record their basic vocal / instrumental tracks first, and the backing tracks can be prepared and added afterwards. A more detailed account of this service can be found on the 'Songwriters Demos' page.

Once the recording session is completed, the tracks will be taken back to the studio where they will be mixed and mastered. They will then be written to CD (red book standard) which can then be used for duplication so that performers can sell CDs at live events, to use in internet promotion such as MySpace or on your personal website, or for professional quality demos to present to agencies, record companies or other music industry professionals.

Rates for this service are £169 per day (up to 6 hours / 8 tracks) plus travel at cost. Bookings of more than one day are subject to a discount and are negotiable - please contact me with your proposals so that we can disuss it.


The recordings can take place at your usual rehearsal space or even during a live concert at any suitable venue. Making a CD for sale at performances is a great way of fund raising and generating revenue for your group or organisation. Use the contact page to get in touch for further details.


This page last updated: 3rd April 2012

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