This page is where you have a chance to listen to a few samples of material I have written, arranged or produced:

This is a disco-house remix of Duffy's 'Mercy'. All the original elements are in there but now its got a completely different vibe!


This is a very different style of music featuring Liverpool singer Amanda Dillon and South Wales saxophonist Paul Hornsby


This is a piece of music written for a 'Visit Wales' promotional video. It's actually the first piece of music I've written featuring a harp.


This dance / pop production is a re-working of Lea Luna & Soren LaRue's song "Mo Money" that I've recently arranged and produced. Whilst I've tried to keep as many elements of the original version as possible, I've also introduced many completely new facets - from an intro featuring orchestral and choral sounds leading to an altogether more "mainstream" vibe than the original.


Page last updated: 23rd May 2012

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