Bespoke music & audio for stage, film, TV, video & web presentations

If you are a commercial video producer or content provider for the web and are looking for an original soundtrack - either with or without a voice-over - we can write and produce a composition to meet your needs. The music can be of almost any genre or style from classical to hip-hop. We can also produce ambient incidental music and sound FX, executing your audio post production needs (mixing the incidental track with the main soundtrack within your video project) complementing or even replacing the work of foley artistes.

Because music will be written and produced especially for you, it means that you can be confident that your soundtrack will not only be tailor made to enhance your project but will be totally unique. It also guarantees that as the owner of the music you will have no copyright or royalty payment issues.

We can produce several versions of the same musical theme. For example, for a web-site you may want an exciting opening overture on your welcome page, but only a quieter more ambient version of the music on other or subsequent pages, leaving 'space' for a voice-over. The possibilities for use are almost endless, including music to accompany Flash® content, ambient music for videos and virtual tours etc. If required, the music can also be tailored to have the ability to seamlessly loop.

In general terms, our productions will normally contain at least 6 unique and discrete stereo tracks including lead and backing vocals and / or a voice-over. Depending on the style of the music this can sometimes be many more, for example in orchestral style arrangements.

Whilst we will be happy to advise you of our opinion on how we feel is the best way to arrange your production, the final decision is always yours.

The end product can be delivered in a number of formats and audio quality standards according to your requirements, including high definition audio and surround sound up to 192 kHz resolution. Further technical information about our working methods can be found on our 'Songwriter's Demos' page.

We have our very own in-house expert in Adobe Flash® technology who will be happy to offer help and advice relating to any issues concerning media content delivery on the internet.

Of course, if you feel your particular needs require more than our fixed price package can offer, we are confident that we can still provide you with the material you need, no matter how demanding or complex - just email or phone us to discuss your requirements.


Fixed Price Package for Video Producers & Web Content Providers

Professionally composed music up to 3 minutes duration, produced and digitally recorded to broadcast standards, with vocals and / or voice-over plus full instrumentation for just

You provide us with a list of your requirements and preferences together with a copy of the video the music is to be used for, or for web use, a copy of the flash movie or your desired time-line with events & triggers for new sounds etc and we do the rest.

In an attempt to simplify legalities we have decided that the intellectual copyright of all original music passes from Jerry Cody Music Services to you, the client on receipt of full payment. We do however reserve the right to be credited ("name checked") for any published material containing our work, whether intellectual (eg use of music written by us) or physical (eg use of the actual recordings produced by us). Full details of the terms of licensing are available, and form part of your contract with us.
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